Announcement Information:

Sadly we need to inform you that the Reno Problem Gambling Center closed permenantly on March 31st, 2022.


Here are some possible locations where you could be treated by a person, like RPGC’s counselors, who has the Certified Problem Gambling Counselor (CPGC) specialty:


1. Bristlecone Family Resources (Donna Meyers, CPGC will be transferring there and Tina Marie Bisiaux is a CPGC there presently)

2. New Frontier Treatment Center (Connie Garoutte, CPGC-Intern)

3. Erin Chapel, CPGC in private practice

4. Paula Chung, CPGC in private practice

5. Helen Godfrey, CPGC at Carson City Counseling

6. Denise Quirk, CPGC in private practice

7. Another professional of your choice, not a CPGC, able to care for your treatment



Denise F. Quirk

The Reno Problem Gambling Center Is Closing It's Doors For Good.

Sadly we announce the closing of the RPGC on March 31, 2022. Before then, we hope to visit with you in person or on telehealth and say goodbye and offer our recommendations for your needs. After 16 years, we made the difficult decision due in part to having no specialized, trained, and passionate team left to carry the torch. Many elements affected our closing, including the impact the pandemic has had on all of us and Denise's plan to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for 18 months beginning in October, 2022. We thank our clients, staff, interns, Board and Advisory Board, our families, our community partners, donors, volunteers, students, and supporters of all kinds. We will greatly miss all of you and hope you stay informed and supportive of our mission and vision through other people and agencies in your community. A big mahalo and aloha to you all, until we meet again. Denise F. Quirk