Judy Cornelius has been known to gaming and problem gambling experts, therapists, researchers, teachers and economists for years as the go-to gal at the University of Nevada, Reno’s Institute for the Study of Gambling and Commercial Gaming for more than 25 years.  This past June, Judy packed up her office and headed home to her cat, her garden, and a long list of plans including visiting family in Las Vegas, traveling with her loved ones, and enjoying a real retirement.  She has been seen at the Center several times, especially at the recent October Parking Lot Sale, looking very busy and reporting that retirement is busier than she imagined!  

The Reno Problem Gambling Center is very fortunate to have Judy at the helm of the Board of Directors, with her years of experience in the gaming and education industries, and delighted that she plans to stay with the Board.  Judy left her mark on several important projects including the Institute’s International Conferences on Gambling and Risk Taking and the Executive Development Program, both of which bring experts from around the world to share their treasured information and research and enjoy their time at Lake Tahoe.  Judy was also instrumental in getting the Gambling Patient Placement Criteria (GPPC) treatment manual published for the RPGC authors and associates in 2010.  You can see how to order a copy of our book and follow what is happening at the Institute on their website, http://business.unr.edu/gaming/.  

Thank you, Judy, for continuing to work for the Reno Problem Gambling Center as our Board of Director’s Chair, and for giving us your time, talents, and backbone!  We appreciate you!