By Past Chairwoman of the Board Shirley Rodgers

I have never been a fan of professional football.  I did, however, marry a man who very passionately followed professional football.  I could tolerate his passion regarding watching his favorite team.  However, I did not understand why it was necessary to watch all other games.  He said it was because the other games affected league standings – which affected his team.  To another passionate football fan, this explanation probably makes perfect sense.  To me, it was ridiculous.  So, in an effort to turn me into a football fan, he decided I should bet parlay cards with him.

I have to admit that, for a short time, the betting did make me more interested in the sport.   I chose teams randomly – sometimes I'd pick all the home teams.  Sometimes, I'd pick all underdogs or the team whose name was first in the alphabet or make designs on the card, etc.  He would spend hours agonizing over the card. He would check stats, injuries and past records; then, carefully choose teams. My methods annoyed him.  Even more annoying, my cards usually fared better than his.   Soon, I realized there was seemingly no way to win.  Annoying him, while funny at first, wasn't enough of a payoff to offset the time and money spent on the cards.

I  tell this story to remind you that there are many reasons why people gamble. Some of those who gamble are or will become addicted and will need help to regain control of their lives.  The Reno Problem Gambling Center is available to expertly guide those seeking the path to beat this addiction.

Please call the hotline if you or anyone you love has a gambling problem. If you are unsure if a problem exists, a list of warning signs is available on our website to help you make an assessment.  We are here to help!