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Announcing The Recovery Maintenance Program

The Reno Problem Gambling Center is excited to announce our new program centered around helping alumni and other struggling in isolation who need help before they relapse in gambling.  We have both In-Person and Telehealth program options available.

Who Is This For?

Program Highlights

Are You Feeling?

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Free Assessment
In Person Sessions
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Nervous, Discouraged, Distressed, Financially Anxious, Depressed or Sad

What You Can Expect

  • In six sessions with your group and the expert counselors at RPGC, we will guide you through the difficulties and lift you up with support, information, discussion, knowledge and experience from our experts and your peers, and a new RM booklet for study and discussion.
  • The first appointment to assess your needs is free, and the six sessions you’ll do with your group will be either in-person, on ZoomPro, or a combination such as a “hybrid” group with both in-person and Zoom attendees.  We have a short intake form you can fill in online and bring to your first appointment.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic and other challenges have increased some people’s feelings of isolation, fear, and urges to “make money by gambling,” which we know is a mistaken belief of how to feel better or solve problems.  We have many methods, coping strategies, and most of all a professional and expert staff who are non-judgemental and ready to assist you.

How Do I Enroll?

Step One: Download and fill out our easy intake form.

Step Two: Call the Reno Problem Gambling Center at 775-284-5335 to schedule your FREE assessment.

Step Three: Bring Your Completed Intake form with your to your scheduled appointment.

* If you cannot download and print the intake form, forms are available and can be filled out at the RPGC Free assessment visit

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is for Nevada residents 18 and over affected by gambling problems. We welcome people with gambling problems as well as their friends and family members. Our state grant subsidizes all Nevada adults.

Yes, however, we can stretch the treatment program a week or more and be flexible according to your needs. Remember, this is a hybrid group; you can attend in person or by Zoom.

RPGC staff members take extra precautions for cleanliness. Presently, we do not have a mask requirement, and our allowing participants to adjust the space between persons, masks, and more hygiene as needed. Remember, you may attend virtually through our Zoom portal as you wish.

The initial assessment is free, and each of the six RMP groups is $10 as your copay. We have the Nevada State gambling grant to pay the remaining costs. Please speak with a counselor about financial concerns. We can be flexible and look forward to working with you.

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