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(Otherwise known as: “The Denise and Doug Show”!)
What a fun speaking engagement this was!  I want to thank Denise Quirk of the Reno Problem Gambling Center, Carol O’Hare of the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling, and Dan R. Reaser, Esq. of the law firm of Lionel, Sawyer and Collins for giving me the opportunity to address judges from all over the United States on issues related to problem gambling and the law.  Ever since I was a little tiny baby lawyer, I have wanted to speak at the venerable National Judicial College on the campus of University of Nevada Reno.  Now I can cross that one off my bucket list!
It was a pleasure (ok, maybe a LITTLE scary) to share my personal story of addiction and recovery with judges who are working towards their PhD or Master’s Degree in Judicial Science.  I was a little surprised to learn that although all of the judges in attendance had made decisions on cases involving gambling addiction, drug addiction, and alcohol addiction, many of them had never had the opportunity to discuss the disease of addiction with a real live addict in recovery!  Through an intense question and answer session, that knowledge gap was addressed.  I think Denise and I shed some light on the disease of addiction and possible suggestions on how to deal with it in the courts.
Although the presentation was very well received, there was substantial debate on the effectiveness of NRS 458A.200 that establishes a treatment program for problem gamblers who commit crimes in furtherance of their addiction.  At least two of the judges in attendance were resistant to the alternatives offered by the statute and felt that it allowed gambling addicts to avoid the otherwise applicable label of “felon”.  However, I think most of the judges were receptive to a treatment model rather than a punishment model.  The important thing is that an honest exchange of ideas occurred where it is most needed.  I, for one, think we should take the “Denise and Doug Show” on the road!
Douglas C. Crawford, J.D.
Doug's presentation can be found in the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling's booklet "Problem Gambling and the Law" available for download here.

Save the Date:


This year’s fundraiser for RPGC will be held on Friday afternoon (noon – 6:00 pm) and Saturday (7:30 am – 2:30 pm) October 19th and 20th in our parking lot at 527 Humboldt Street.  The great success of our first parking lot sale last October has spurred us on to make it even better by adding Friday afternoon for friends  and neighbors of RPGC.  
Start collecting your new or gently-used furniture, appliances, tools, books, and home décor.  We have a wonderful donor of clothing and will not need as much of that this year from our generous friends.  We especially hope to have furniture and appliances, as those sold quite well.  We hope to have a “pod” or similar structure in our back lot soon to store our donations here.  Anyone wishing to donate the rental of a pod is welcome to do so!

Friday and Saturday Oct. 19 & 20: RPGC Parking Lot Sale


We took the year off from our usual Luau/Silent Auction because we’ve been blessed with donations from several  business leaders, allowing us to move some of the really nice items into our parking lot sale.  Look for a few silent auction items like a fabulous telescope (thank you Boroughfs!), a handmade sweater donated by Jimmy Beans Wool (thank you Laura Zander!), and a getaway weekend!

Please tell your friends to bring us their wonderful goods, any cash donations, and if possible, some volunteer time with us on the 19th and 20th to support their favorite charity and the Northern Nevada families affected by gambling addiction.  
Thank you,
Denise F. Quirk, CEO

RPGC Invites Judges to View Disease Concept Film



On Friday, August 24, 2012 at 2:00 pm, Denise Quirk will be hosting a 90-minute movie and Q & A meeting at the RPGC for Northern Nevada judges.  The theme is “The Disease Concept and Brain Science,” with a showing of the documentary “Pleasure Unwoven” by Dr. Kevin McCauley.   Dr. McCauley is a former Navy Flight Surgeon and recovering alcoholic.  He uses the beautiful landscape of national parks in Utah to aid his explanation of the geography of the brain and explains the concept of the disease of addiction in a visual way never used before.  Patients at RPGC often remark that they “finally understand the brain of an addict” after viewing this film.
The film will be followed with a 30-minute open discussion regarding the disease concept of addiction as it relates to gambling addicts and how brain science has evolved in this area.  Judges are invited to call Denise at 284-5335 to reserve a spot.  The film, refreshments and discussion are free and open to all judges in the Northern Nevada area.  This is the first of a semi-annual gathering of judges at the RPGC intended to share the latest science and tools used at RPGC to help Northern Nevada individuals and families affected by problem gambling.


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