Greetings from the CEO – April 2013




What’s Ahead:

  • Nevada’s Big Give April 25
  • UNR Volunteer Team Gives Us a Public Relations Kickoff
  • Adopted by the Reno Church of Christ
  • State Conference Excellence and Fun


Nevada’s Big Give April 25

How about a return on your investment that will help 7 members of your town with one click? Problem Gambling affects 125,000 Northern Nevadans…6% of Nevada's adults are addicted, and  seven of their family members and friends are harmed by their gambling addiction.  One day a year the Reno Problem Gambling Center asks for your online help, and it's coming, Thursday April 25, with a giant one-day charity extravaganza,  Nevada's Big Give! Go to, find RPGC, and get ready to donate as little as $10  or as much as you wish on April 25.  For 24 hours and one click online, you can make your change count! 


Hello Dear Friends of the RPGC!  The pitch you just read is one you’ll be hearing broadcast by our friend and supporter, Monica Jaye of KKOH radio 780 am.  Monica has interviewed me many times in our seven years at RPGC, putting our information on the air and helping many of our clients hear about us for the first time.  Monica has kindly agreed to put the commercial out as a public service announcement to help us exceed last year’s Nevada’s Big Give goal of $900…I hope we can make at least $2013 this year!  It’s easy and we’re so glad to have a simple  way for anyone supporting us to give.  There are awards and additional cash prizes RPGC could win for being a leader in this huge one-day statewide charity event.  Check out Nevada’s Big Give website today at and get ready to push the button on Thursday, April 25th!  Many thanks to last year’s donors, and thank you in advance for supporting us again this year!

UNR Volunteer Team Gives Us a Public Relations Kickoff

As your CEO, I’d like you to know that RPGC is alive, well, and kicking!  We are working with a team of graduate student volunteers at UNR who selected us as their “project,” and how wonderful it is to be someone else’s project, in such a good way!  These journalism students (whom you’ll hear more about in the next newsletter) decided RPGC’s mission and vision were worthy of a public relations project for their spring course.  I am working with them to kick up some dust regarding awareness of problem gambling and what we can do together to bring more family members and gamblers in to get needed help at RPGC. 


Adopted by the Reno Church of Christ

A special thanks to the Reno Church of Christ at 515 Sinclair Street.  They found us, adopted us, and since winter 2012 provided water bottles and goody bags filled with treats and inspiration for our clients in our reception area.  What a thoughtful, kind gift to our clients!  Thank you so much!


State Conference Excellence and Fun

Are you as excited as Colin Hodgen is for the upcoming 7th Annual Nevada Problem Gambling Conference?  Come to the luncheon on Friday and find out why!  There is still time to get your reservation to the awards luncheon and slide show featuring Marilyn Newton and Fred Horlacher at the 7th Annual Nevada Problem Gambling Conference!  Deadline is April 22nd for the April 26th luncheon.  The luncheon is just one of the highlights of our conference which will be held at Harrah’s Reno this year (first time for us Northerners…let’s show our hospitality and support to the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling!)  Call me at (775) 284-7275 or the Nevada Council at (702) 369-9740 and reserve your spot at the luncheon on Friday April 26th at noon. 


Fred and Marilyn will be showing wonderful pictures of Nevada ghost towns and telling terrific stories about Nevada’s gambling history.  If you wish to attend only the luncheon, the cost is $45, and proceeds will benefit the Nevada Council’s many outreach programs. Open the conference brochure link and see what else you’ll want to hear from our awesome lineup of speakers.  All of you wonderful supporters of the RPGC will want to learn, share, and benefit from the knowledge being offered: a worthwhile experience!  Wednesday April 24th is special to counselors, interns, supervisors and healthcare practitioners of all kinds looking for the best gambling data as well as a truly fun ethics presentation!  Thursday and Friday April 25th and 26th will bring all kinds of fascinating information…please come!  (Help us reach our goal of 100 attendees, and get a bag you’ll want to use again and again!)


You can get the Conference Brochure and Lunch Flier here.


Thank you for keeping the RPGC as your favorite charity and sharing our vision!


Denise F. Quirk, CEO

Welcome Liliana!


Liliana Ledezma is the newest addition to the Reno Problem Gambling Center staff. She is now our part-time administrative assistant, thanks to a grant from the Community Services Agency.   Liliana is currently a full-time student at the University of Nevada, Reno. She is majoring in neuroscience and minoring in Spanish. Liliana has the desire to go to medical school to one day become a successful physician.


    Liliana is also apart of an on campus academic assistance and support program called TRIO Scholars Program.  In addition to being a full-time student and working part-time, she is a mentor of five high school students in a program called You(th) Matter Now.  She graduated from Procter R. Hug high school with an honors diploma. She also is a graduate from the Nevada Youth Empowerment Project, a transitional housing program for transitional aged young women.


    When you hear her lovely voice and come in to the office to meet her, you’ll understand why all of us at the RPGC feel so blessed!


A Potentially Dangerous Loophole

By Vincent Godinho


In an article from the New York Times 

website, Joshua Brustein notes that while the courts consider the ability for New Jersey to allow sports gambling, the state has authorized casinos to offer fantasy sports. Fantasy sports in this context refer to the tournaments put on by the casinos wherein people can wager money, at the risk of gaining more from the amount paid, or losing the original amount waged. Despite the fact that the idea sounds like gambling, New Jersey has decided that fantasy sport leagues in the casinos will not be considered a form of gambling.

    Brustein states that sports betting is currently prohibited by the federal government in every state, with the exception of four: Nevada, Oregon, Montana, and Delaware. Why are fantasy sporting leagues are not considered gambling? In this article Brustein explains that fantasy sports have been legal since 2006, when the federal government established that if the fantasy sports “were games of skill whose outcome was not based on the outcome of any single sporting event.”

    My concern is derived not from the implications of the legality of fantasy sports, but rather what may come from having fantasy sports tournaments located in casinos. Considering that fantasy sports leagues are not gambling, younger people may be allowed to participate in these leagues, thereby drawing a younger crowd into casinos on a regular basis. While it may not be considered gambling, it will likely feel like gambling considering the environment the activity will take place in, coupled with the potential for gaining or losing money. Problem gambling can already begin at a young age, and I am concerned that sports betting in casinos could perpetuate the problem on young people becoming addicted to gambling.

View original article here.

From Debbi's Desk:  A Lawyer's Point of View

By Deborah Robinson


Recently we have seen news headlines about legalizing “internet gambling.”  What does it mean to Nevadans in practical terms?  In 2012 the Nevada Gaming Control Board adopted regulations that made Nevada the first state in which a person or entity can be licensed to conduct on-line gambling, the scope of which currently is limited specifically to on-line poker.  These regulations create an infrastructure in which on-line gaming operators, IT platform providers, and gaming software creators can be licensed and regulated, just like in brick and mortar casinos.  The regulations require that the games are fair, winnings are properly distributed, business is run ethically, and taxes are paid.  However, although Nevada licenses have been issued, no legal on-line gambling sites currently are up and running.  There are a number of reasons for this, including the fact that technology to assure that on-line games are limited to Nevada players aged 21 and older is still under review and development.  Until such details are addressed, don’t expect to see licensed Nevada internet gambling sites go live.


Americans have had the ability to gamble illegally on the internet for pretty much as long as there has been an internet.  The majority of these internet gambling sites are run from offshore locations with no accountability.  There is no effective way to police them, nor to shut down unscrupulous sites.  By providing a regulated internet gambling opportunity that is legal for US citizens, those who choose to gamble online have the option to do so in a secure environment, with ethical operators and regulatory recourse should a gambler feel cheated or otherwise mistreated.  Further, it is estimated that Americans illegally gamble millions of dollars annually on internet sites.  By legalizing and regulating the industry, that significant revenue stream can be harnessed to support U.S. employment and contribute to state and local tax bases.  One or more forms of gambling are legal in 48 states.  Just as the internet has broadened the scope of virtually every other category of commerce, online gambling is the natural modern expansion of the U.S. gaming industry.  Americans are going to gamble online whether it is legal or not.  For all of these reasons, legalizing regulated internet gambling makes sense. 


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