The Reno Problem Gambling Center presents…

Small Change = Big Changes
Small Change = Big Changes

Small Change = Big Changes


2011 is the year of Big Changes for RPGC, and you can be an important part by making a small change for the families devastated by problem gambling in our community! Through your own bank you can designate a monthly amount, such as $50, to be sent automatically to the Reno Problem Gambling Center.

Fifty dollars is equal to a dozen cups of "fancy coffee", two dozen bottles of "fancy water", or a half dozen fast-food meals in a month. That same fifty dollars will pay for two days of counseling for a family member or problem gambler, which they desperately need and cannot afford to pay for.

You can make a big difference!  Donate now or sign up through your bank to send us your 'small change' each month in 2011!

Donations can be made securely through our online donation page by clicking on the button to the right.

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