The next step to United Way grant funding was completed 2/9/12 following our application for $75,000 in grant funds. Denise and George gave five United Way Board members the grand tour of the Center and answered questions about the “TOPGUN” grant that RPGC submitted (“Treatment Opportunities for Problem Gambling Urgently Needed”).

The focus is on bringing a pipeline of workforce development, namely a problem gambling intern, from UNR’s addiction minor program out of the CASAT (Center for Applied Substance Abuse Technologies) department directly to the RPGC. Denise Quirk teaches an online course through UNR titled “Exploring Gambling Behaviors” three times a year, and from that course several students have emerged with a desire to become problem gambling counselors. Many other students at UNR who take addictions courses become aware that there is treatment and a teaching center available here at the RPGC where they could do some internship work, but up until now, it has been voluntary. The TOPGUN grant would provide one problem gambling counselor intern a half-time paid position at RPGC, along with other funding to support the work done by Denise Quirk, George Howell, and Colin Hodgen in supervise, train and guide the intern through a year of experience at RPGC.

All of this is projected to increase the number of clients we serve by up to 25%, and achieve one of our vision goals! We will find out in March, 2012 whether the United Way chooses us for this grant, which would begin April 1,2012.

Thank you, United Way volunteers, for your terrific questions and interest in us!